Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Greenwall Wow

This is the most intricate wall in existence, a surreal wall of glass which makes the space seem larger than it already is. It’s so very beautiful how the designer managed to create this structure without breaking the line. It’s […]

Vertical Herb Garden In A Box

If you like plants and you also like to take care of them indoors, then you should consider purchasing a vertical herb garden. It’s a very simple thing to do. All you basically have to do is plant your herbs […]

Antler Tree Topper From Horta Italia

Ever since they first appeared in the 15th century, men’s need to furnish their homes had changed. They replaced the elaborate and large furniture pieces with smaller and less impressive items that could help them achieve excellent looks. The smaller […]

Indoor Plant Design By Sam*ill

Designer Sam’s latest visual product, the Indoor Plant Design, is a clever way to bring nature indoors for the home. The designs incorporates a variety of pots with leaves, thus permitting a possible indoor plantist. These pots are designed to […]