If you’re having trouble picking the right flower pots, try to ignore the smaller details and try to focus on the main features. The bigger the structure and the bigger the details are. Vases are usually just an expected decoration. Still, it’s a very beautiful choice and, even if you don’t usually like choosing the same model, you can still make an impression.

I have a very close friend who is obsessed with flowers. She’s an extreme lover of hers and she comes from a big family. She’s also an addict in DIY. She creates colorful arrangements and natural centers and she convinced me that hanging flowers from a vase is a better choice than hanging a planter because she can get the arrangement started and finish in no time. Here are some pictures of her gift.

The first thing that comes in my mind when I see these vases is: the taupe color. In combination with the black and white lion painted ceramic base and the small silver animal on the bowl the final result is a happy look, not to mention that the subject of attention is the gorgeous wall flower arrangement. In a way that makes me think of her singing practice some worn pianos. She probably feels that the two kitty cats are the cutest ones in the world and if she would not have been so lonely she would have never bought them.

Living Room Vases Collection By Roxy Studio Photo 3

Anyway, what makes this collection so nice is the fact that the materials used, in one way or another, are actually recycled, as more products are made out of recycled materials. In other words, you can buy a nice smelling vase, a planter made from some unused cereal pieces or even a planter made from food scraps and food boxes.

Living Room Vases Collection By Roxy Studio Photo 4