Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Small Nesting Tables By Nobuhiro Teshima

Japanese designer Nobuhiro Teshima created these small nesting tables, which can be stored on a wall, and always remember where you have placed them. The tables are made of aluminum with polyester backing covered with elastic fabric. The outer shell […]

End Table Lamps By David Trubridge

Designer David Trubridge has created a unique series of end tables along with several other contemporary pieces of furniture. Each lamp is unique and is offered in a variety of colors and finishes that are extracted from rare and endangered […]

End Table Lights By Adentro

The End Table is a set of three table light by End Table, designed by Italian company Adentro. The matching series is made of high-gloss lacquered wood and it comes in a variety of finishes: white, natural dark brown, black […]

Over Door Mirror By Thomas Bernstrand

Swiss company Thomas Bernstrand designed this over door mirror that can be installed anywhere in your home. It gives a fully functioning mirror with a sliding door, that can be taken down when not in use. Also it has a […]

Industrial Medicine Cabinet By Seide Fruti

The new Mutina industrial medicine cabinet by Italian company Seide Fruti is a piece of furniture that will definitely come in handy in a pharmacy’s waiting room. The new Radice combination kitchen and bathroom unit allows you to slide away […]

Pendant Sconce

I envy and respect designers very much for their ability to create amazing things that are worth seeing in a living room or in the design world whenever they want to be. Let me give you a very simple example […]

Discount Drawer Pull By Anny Hayes

Every kitchen needs a drawer pull. It’s such a basic item and yet it manages to become a beautiful accent detail. The drawer pull symbolizes that the beauty of this item is in its simplicity and not any more. Whatever […]

Modern Wall Hooks By Alexander Rose

Modern wall hooks have been a popular item for homes for several years now. They have become a little more unusual and they are now seen as interesting additions to a room’s décor. The designer Alexander Rose finally decided to […]

Ceiling Spot Light By La Siesta

Lighting is a very important aspect when decorating your home. It may even be the one the devil has played a key role in creating your final décor. However, at the core of any room is the ceiling and it’s […]