This anti- slip bathtub is made from durable fiberglass and measures 8 x 3 inches on the outside. It has a high density of 70% polypropylene and the rest of the design is made of high quality glass. The tub is easy to clean and maintain and it is also easy to care for as it is made of polypropylene. There is also a protective cover for the tub which is made of breathable fabric.

It’s an very practical item which provides you with a lot of comfort. Unfortunately, the tub is only available in one color: light blue. It would make a great choice for the modern homes. It’s a colorful tub, very cheerful and sometimes even energetic. The anti- slip bathtub measures 18? DIAM x 18? LAR x 18? INCH and it can be purchased for $49.

Bathtub Anti Slip Photo 3