Copper baths are used for decorative purposes. They are used for creating a dramatic interior décor seen through the crystal surface, where the copper traces of the bathtub surface create this dramatic effect. The bathtub can be made of various materials – glass, metal, or ceramic – which choose the color that fits the interior design in the décor.

This copper bathtub by Evergreen Pottery has a multicolored design and a very interesting texture. It can also be used for decorative purposes, as a sculpture or as a floor model. The bathtub is made of polished copper that comes with a non-toxic glaze that protects it from all kinds of water spills. As for the dimensions, the bathtub measures 13 1/2? high, 11 3/4? wide, and 11 1/2? deep. You can purchase this elegant item for EUR469.21.

Copper Bathtubs From Evergreen Pottery Photo 4