A traditional sofa was a British ideal of the 80’s. Although the designs vary with region, the general silhouette is always similar. The sofas were generally simple, made of wood and having simple, straight lines. The design could also be contemporary but it would have to be a more special kind of design. For example, take a look at the sofas we’re showing you. They have some nice leather frames which in a way remind me of the Victorian style.

These designs are actually quite minimalist. They use contrasting colors but they also have the elegance described by this particular type of designs. The curves and the shapes are not distracting, they help create a simple design that would nevertheless still be eye-catching. In some cases the leather is the only color used for the accent details. The rest of the décor is neutral and the decorations are simple.

Sofa Ideas From Ekluria Photo 2

Sofa Ideas From Ekluria Photo 3