Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Diy Modern Artwork From Anjal Li

The art is what defines this house located in Manila, Philippines. Designed by the architects from Anjal li, the house is nothing like the typical homes that everyone has. It’s a modern artwork and museum. The idea behind this project […]

Wallpaper Headboards

If you’re bored of seeing the same shades of colour come together and still you feel the need to add a touch of some colour here and there, then you are not alone. Let’s take the example of a very […]

Unique Stair Design By Antonio Martins

The stair and its structure are very important in any home, not only for functional reasons, but also for creating a unique and interesting way of having easy access to higher floors. Antonio Martins, a Brazilian architect, took inspiration from […]

Corner Shelves Diy By Marelat Wilson

These are corner shelves and they’re not that difficult to design or build. This lovely piece features a simple design, clean lines and geometrical shapes. It’s the perfect piece for a modern and colorful kitchen. It has a gray glass […]

Polka Dotted Walls And Flooring

This collection of wall and floor tiles called “cotton mall” is an interesting way of adding diversity to the interiors. It’s something that can be used in public areas like bars but also in private spaces like homes. This particular […]

Boys Sheets Set For Boys

If you’re a happy parent, then you’re probably already a parent by now. So you’ve seen how it is to be a child. They grow up so fast… They lose their memories so soon. So it’s very difficult to help […]