Halloween is upon us, friends. The spooky season of lights, pictures and costumes is upon us. But Halloween 2017 isn’t just for the spooky. It’s the year of presents! While some of us are still deciding on a front door card, others are taking their Halloween party to the next level, getting a hold of those shiny new jack-o-lanterns and filling every nook and cranny with a perfect candy candy corn, a spider car chase and lots of hanging plastic skulls.

We at Decoist love helping out those planning for parties! And we’re eager to help out any space, plan or style your Halloween party any Halloween! From your patio to the rooftops, our photos have been taken and picked by sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Deadline Post. Take a look at our favorite decor ideas and others like us!

The basement ceiling really sets the mood for Halloween so this sign would be a nice touch. But more importantly, it brings some subtle depth to the wall behind it. You can learn all about this DIY at The Details refers to.

Another gorgeous way to create a stunning little doorstep is by adding a plain wreath to your door. Learn how to do it at Brit + Co.

If you don’t want to show your entire house only Halloween bats, this vampire door is an alternative that you too can enjoy. While still giving your house that eerie, black and spooky look, it also makes your cottage look more presentable. Check out the tutorial on How to Make a Living-Dose Home Window.

Taking candy pictures is a grown up way to decorate the front door! These witch hat Halloween Silver State Street Door Hanging Marilyn Superior Pumpkins from Katrò is a simpler way to get the look.

Another way to decorate the front door? You don’t have to worry about scaring everyone off the witch because you can just decorate a bunch of pumpkins that look like they’re waving around. These are from Katrò and they’re pretty fun to make too.

Finally, the last example is pretty scary, but not permanently bad. It’s Halloween, the candy corn scared kids and you don’t have to googly eyes to decorate your door. Especially if you can pick a theme and stick to it. Check out Simply chic for a few tips on how to decorate your front door this year.