This is a dreamy place that gives the feeling of being in a crystal globe. It looks like one of the most beautiful places you can visit. If you are interested in such a dreamy place then you must hurry up because it’s only a few minutes away. This fun little home is made from recycled materials and it has a lot of interior spaces that allow you to relax and enjoy the outside view.

Originally, this dummy house was an industrial building that had been abandoned for many years. It was modified and turned into this wonderful little home. It features a bedroom, a bathroom, a dining room and a kitchen area with lots of shelves and space for storage. It is painted beautifully and is surrounded by a wonderful landscape. It is filled with natural light and it has many attractive features, especially if you admire from outside straight stairs.

Originally the building had several rooms stacked horizontally. When asked to redesign the house said that these were unnecessary waste resulting in large overhead spaces. So, the new design is very functional and cheap to include in the budget. The place is bright and filled with light. It seems like a wonderful home, a perfect place to raise a family, or to enjoy the beautiful view.{found on desknet}