Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Blue Home Office By Argens Ergon

Blue is the perfect color for any part of your home, especially your home office. That’s why blue is a perfect option for this area of the house. You can either paint the walls navy blue or opt for something […]

Banner Diy Apartment Interior Design

This is the home of Scott and Raggers family, a Seattle-based couple. It’s a contemporary flat with a modern interior and I can only describe it as a modern take on a mountain chalet. Scott and Ricky since moved in […]

Chandelier Black And White Interior Design

The Chapel is a unique building located in Krakow, Poland. The building was actually a century old and it has been there for 300 years. However, when the current owners bought the place and decided to renovate it, the already […]

Boy Bedroom Colors You Should Not Miss

You probably remember your parents watching kids, where they were playing ball in the middle of the room and you could see them go to the bathroom, taking a bath and preparing their clothes. Now, when they are in a […]

Nice Bedrooms Design Suggestions

A perfect bedroom is a one-stop-shop space that has everything you need to get your own comfortable sleep, no matter how long you are in the home. This is a false concept that has been perpetuated through many design and […]

Emty Frames House By Roger Christ

The Emory Stray Furniture Company was formed in 2004 by two architectural artists, Mogens Mandrup and Toni Sabatino. They do an amazing job in creating simple and timeless furniture which is easy to integrate in any interior décor. This beautiful […]