Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Indoor Plant Design By Alex Andrite

This is the latest design created by the Italian designer Alex Andrite for the Greek company Petite. The planar design follows the shape of the plant, with one elongated element continuing its line and the other positioned in a more […]

Crome Furniture By Paolo Grasselli

The “Cromos 50” project has been characterized as an expression of perseverance and practicality. It involves the creation of functional and comfortable chairs and sofas among which a marble coffee table serves as the base of the entire set. The […]

Cubicle Idea For Office!

Are you looking for the perfect piece of furniture for your office? How about a cube? What type of cube would you like to have in your home? Today’s inspired work is an amazing industrial cube together of 5 cinder […]

Bright Bedroom Colors For Summer

Bright bedrooms are always a plus. They create a cheerful, sunny and airy atmosphere and they usually have white walls and ceilings. But bright colors can also be a good option for the bedroom during summer. These are the colors […]

Emty Frames House By Roger Christ

The Emory Stray Furniture Company was formed in 2004 by two architectural artists, Mogens Mandrup and Toni Sabatino. They do an amazing job in creating simple and timeless furniture which is easy to integrate in any interior décor. This beautiful […]

Painted Pumpkin Pictures

I am a very good friend of Angela Adams, the founder of Adams Design, and we were lucky enough to meet a few time again to talk about her business, Pasquita Distuff. We both wanted to tell you something specific […]