The “Cromos 50” project has been characterized as an expression of perseverance and practicality. It involves the creation of functional and comfortable chairs and sofas among which a marble coffee table serves as the base of the entire set. The “Cromos 50” collection was the creation of Paolo Grasselli, Roberto Urquiola and Vincenzo Cucine. Together they created a series of chairs which are available in a variety of models and colors, according to the desires and occasion.

The chairs were created by Paolo Grasselli, Roberto Urquiola, Vincenzo Cucine and Paolo Raggi. The base of each piece is an aluminum frame with padded armrests. The backrests are sea foam lined and feature a trim which has been embroidered on the seat’s upholstery. The backrest is available in nylon, walnut mesh and pewterweb. The models are suitable for indoor use only and they are foldable, which makes them practical. The chairs are very comfortable and cozy and they are also quite versatile as they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.