When you have a bay window you can enjoy taking a nap or admiring the landscape, admiring the water and all. Bay windows were first created to allow those inside to see the water and nature at the same time. They are still used today and they have several different designs, for a more modern and sophisticated look. Now, however, we are faced with the problem of comfort and we try to find solutions. Giim look presents a new concept, a new and ingenious way of looking at the bay window.

It was an innovative project developed by Giuseppe Bavuso and it’s called Bay Window Suites. It’s a collection of nine bay windows that surround a spacious living room. The bay windows basically open the room to the sky, letting the light in and opening up the room to the exterior. And since the location chosen for the living room is on the roof of the house, the windows cooperate and connect and they form a symmetrical design. The effect is unusual and eye-catching but also unique and elegant.

The color combination is very interesting. The calm and relaxing tone of the sea is incorporated in the design and the result is a very serene and balanced design. The bay windows basically replace the windows of the enclosed terrace. They help create a stronger connection between the interior and exterior areas and they add visual lightness and brightness to the living room.