Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Room With Lights By Neon

Rimauddin Arquitectos have designed a wonderful, light filled bedroom, complete with lights to create a fantastic atmosphere. Located in the biggest city in Chile, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the light filled bedroom includes a metal bar, which could be a […]

Purple Bathroom Pictures

Most bathrooms are painted in white or in neutral colors because this bathroom is supposed to be the one at the bath, where the owners are calm and take their time enjoying the time spent in the bathtub. And most […]

Steel Kitchen Shelves By Davide Lab

This is a complete renovation of an existing plastic kitchen. As its name suggests, the interior of the kitchen was taken out, while the top floor was retained in order to bring in more light and give it a brighter […]

Plant Stand Diy

I’m sure that many of you have them at home and it’s not the little green friend that crosses your mind each time you enter the house or maybe the one sponsor for the new Mercedes car. That is the […]

Minimal Office Interior Design By Edwin Baeza

Created by Berlin-based architect Edwin Baeza, this basement apartment renovation is a wonderful example of how to solve the density of a space without compromising aesthetics and function. It is a simple, minimal interior design where the architects used color […]

Tropical Interior Design By Jennifer Paige

This cozy apartment is located in Sydney, Australia. It features a kitchen with an elegant solid oak floor, a bathroom with steel fixtures and marble and stainless steel appliances and an upper bedroom featuring windows of acrylic panels. On the […]

Condos Interiors By Assistant5studio

Condos Interiors is a project completed by assistant5studio. It is located in Montréal, in Quebec, Canada; and was finished in 2013. Condos Interiors by assistant5studio: “The project involves the remodelling of a condominium in a building located on Rue L’aurteux, […]

Small Makeup Vanity By Athomea

Sometimes you don’t need a huge bathroom or a large bedroom. Instead, you can just get a small makeup vanity and use it as well. Athomea is a design that provides you with a very useful storage option that is […]