Kids are always happy and cheerful when they are around 8 years old or when they are at least 5 years old. And just before they start a day, they love to play board games together. So their rooms are placed on the ground floor where they can play freely and even make new games. On the floor there can also place a coffee table and some chandeliers or lamps.

In this room the whole design is first of all joyful and colorful, as the children can see themselves sitting in their room and doing any funny or scary thing they want to.The desk is made of wood and it is colourful and well thought thanks to the whole “girly” flag patterned piece of cloth that is hanging from the ceiling. Then the kids have their own waiting room where they can wait for sandwiches, snacks or whatever they might need.

If you are protective, but love kids and you want to bring some happy and colored ambiance into your house, you can get them some really nice furniture like this “girly” bench that is round and nicely designed and has a heart theme on it. Then you can sit in the rocking chair and enjoy a nice romantic evening with your sweetheart.

If you do not want to go too far from the present you can choose to decorate your kid’s room with eco-friendly items like this rustic “home journal” coffee table. It is made of certified and recycled wood that is sprayed in an unusual way and offers a special and unique atmosphere to this everyday piece of furniture. Almost everything in it is electric and the colors used are natural and try to prove that the products are ecological or minimally manufactured.Available for 245 euros.