Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Corner Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is most likely one of your home’s smallest rooms, if not the smallest. But this doesn’t mean it can’t look interesting. The key is creative and unique design solutions. For example, a small bathroom can be like a […]

Wood Slab Vanity Desk By Arthur Analts

Even though there are a lot of modern furniture pieces that are basically identical or very similar, designer Arthur Analts found a way to make this vanity desk stand out. He managed to create a very unique piece of furniture […]

Shelves Ideas Counting Stripe Tiles

The counting of stripes is a very old myth. Actually, it dates back to the ancient period when Egyptians protected their walls with blocks of marble which were semicircular in shape and covered with gold. And since then we have […]

Red Bathroom Faucet From Villeroy & Boch

This is the red bathroom faucet from Villeroy & Boch and it’s part of a bigger collection belonging to the Villeroy & Boch Co. series. It’s an interesting combination of colors and shapes. Each sink has one of three sponge-like […]

Luxury Vanity And Storage Cabinet

Most bathrooms are small so combining two design elements that are actually two different pieces from one model is not unusual, but when you combine them and use them both the result is spectacular. For example this luxury vanity and […]