The bathroom is most likely one of your home’s smallest rooms, if not the smallest. But this doesn’t mean it can’t look interesting. The key is creative and unique design solutions. For example, a small bathroom can be like a mini art gallery. To that, add beautiful mosaic tables, clever storage solutions such as a compact wall-mounted mirror or creative wall lighting fixtures. The colors and materials you use can also have a big impact on the overall look of the bathroom.

Medium- and small-sized bathrooms can accommodate functional storage cabinets such as shelves, drawers or even built-in sinks. Make the most of the space available by incorporating a combination of open and closed storage spaces, depending on the function of the room.

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A freestanding tub can also be a storage solution, be it a tub or a sink. The trick is to find a good way to fit everything you need there without wasting valuable floor space.

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You can also choose to try floating shelves that can accommodate display objects, framed photos, vases or other items. Because they’re so easy to install they’re a nice option for tiny bathrooms.

Open shelves are ideal for small bathrooms. They take no floor space and occupy little floor space. A great way to maximize the usable space in the bathroom is by having glass partitions or a large mirror.

An interesting idea can be to organize your bathroom into several different storage areas, each with its own distinct design, shape, size and color. This way you can create an organized and cohesive design that would look good.

A bathroom can also be small enough to use either an under-the-sink vanity table or a storage cabinet placed on the adjacent wall. A cabinet there can be a shelf for storing towels. The idea is to have a sink with the same type of design and the same storage solutions.

Another very versatile idea is to have a bathroom storage unit that also includes a water tank. You can have it close to the toilet or in case you need to collect something from the sink it would be best to have it right next to the basin.

A simple under-the-sink shower enclosure can take the form of a simple wall-mounted cabinet with open cubbies and cubbies for the interior that go all the way up to the ceiling. It can be a very clever and space-efficient idea.

Keeping the bathroom level and symmetry simple is also a good strategy. In addition, it’s a configuration that suits most bathrooms regardless of their size and layout. The lower section can usually be storage with great planters and shelves on the two adjacent sides and the upper portion can be a washbasin.

There are many different ways of creating a symmetrical design. Two sink cabinet can fulfill this role. The strategy chosen involves having two matching sinks and a mirror which can mirror them both.

The second option is to have a vanity with the same exact design as the other two and to have two sinks with glass countertops on opposite sides of the vanity, with a mirror on top.

Glass countertops are a good option for small bathrooms. They can be installed on the wall to maintain an open and spacious feel and they can be supported with small beams for a sophisticated and modern look.