If you’ve ever had a shower or a tub in your home and wished there was a way to spice up the experience, maybe it’s time to think about a more sophisticated approach. The bathroom is often overlooked in favor of other less desirable spaces. After all, we often think of it as a utilitarian space but a bathroom can have great potential. The best and easiest way to make a bathroom feel relaxing and inviting is by focusing on the decor and the fixtures but leaving the flooring and the ceiling uncolored.

This way the whole room is decorated with beautiful white or water-colored walls. This idea can be applied to all the room. It works great in the case of large bathrooms. After all, the floor is the one that usually stays clear of water so it would be easy to clean on a daily basis.

This bathroom features an extremely simple and very tasteful interior décor. It’s a combination of modern and vintage elements. The combination of styles is very pleasant. The overall look is elegant and sophisticated. The overall décor is simple and bright. The wooden floors add warmth and texture to all the rooms.

This bathroom is particularly bright but it’s also cold and neutral in terms of color. The atmosphere is very calm and this makes it feel intimate and comfortable. The pale green walls and floor help create a welcoming atmosphere and the turquoise details enhance the whole décor. The arched window and the white and golden fixtures create symmetry.

This bathroom is not that different from all the other ones presented here. It’s small but it’s airy and bright and has a classy and elegant interior décor. The turquoise walls and white ceiling are a great source of contrast. The large windows and mirrors create a fresh, airy atmosphere and the occasional yellow details make it pop up more.

This bathroom is particularly elegant and it’s mostly because of the proportions. The room is very spacious and has a double vanity which is another detail that contributes to an overall chic décor. The freestanding tub is another element that emphasizes the overall simplicity of the décor. The turquoise accent wall and decorative ceiling mirror create a very beautiful balance and an overall elegant look.

This bathroom is particularly bright and elegant. It’s also very spacious and has a large shower enclosure with a built-in tub and beautiful green carpet. The combination of colors, textures and materials is inspiring. The turquoise sink and blue accents add elegance to the room while the mirror and the hanging pendant are subtle but bold features that succeed make the bathroom feel larger and fresher than before.

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