Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Basement Pub By H2o Architectes

Basement pub is a project located in Paris, France. It was completed by h2o architectes in 2014. Basement pub by h2o architectes: “The nature of the work has been directly related to the client’s comfort and well as his lifestyle. […]

Modern Basements Ideas With A Cabin Feel

Modern basement remodels are all the more attractive when they have an original design or uniqueness. Basements, even small basements, don’t usually have that much space that you can give to spare, and this is a problem, especially in the […]

Basement Room Decor Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have more space in your house then you’re probably also well aware that there are various ways of storing this space. For example, there are tons of ideas to choose from when decorating the basement. […]

Basement Offices Ideas For Modern Workspaces

Although this concept may seem outdated, there are cases when it’s actually quite fashionable. Basements usually have this small, informal or cozy style where interiors are not directly visualized. They tend to be small and cozy and the functions are […]