Few things can be better than having a fresh home after a long and difficult week. This is especially necessary, if you are expecting a large family or even a group of friends coming over. The Mediterranea collection from Zucchetta an Italian brand is perfect for such occasions.

The “Sweet” and “Jealous” cabinets are perfect for all those who appreciate a neat display and a single layer of clutter. The Open shelves are perfect for those who would rather extend the shelf space or are searching for a place to put the things they need. The simple design and the sweet look make these cabinets extremely versatile and perfect for any modern kitchen.

Medicine Cabinets Ideas From World Market Photo 2

Another essential for the modern kitchen is a smart backsplash. It is a means of updating the kitchen and a great way of creating new storage spaces. The backsplash should enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen, should be used for storage and should create a nice focal point for the kitchen.