Yellow is such a bright and happy color, it seems like a favorite color. It’s why we use it so often in interior décor. It has a refreshing image, especially in rooms that should be painted in one of the colors, the most common ones of all. Yellow rooms also have a unique and colorful appearance and they can be easily combined with other colors.

This living room has yellow walls and white ceiling. The yellow wall draws the attention and then it’s emphasized by the green chair and the small green square lamps. It’s a very beautiful and balanced combination.

Yellow Rooms – Charming Colors And Designs Photo 2

This kitchen and dining room are part of the same space. They both have yellow cabinets and white walls. The yellow bar stools are in perfect sync with the whole décor.

Yellow Rooms – Charming Colors And Designs Photo 3

There’s also a another kitchen, this time smaller and also with a yellow accent wall. In the living room, the yellow chairs are the stars of the décor. The whole contrast is very beautiful.

Yellow is a warm and cheerful color and it’s why perfect colors and combinations for these rooms were very difficult to choose. Even though these are bright and elegant, the décor doesn’t seem cold or uninviting.

This beautiful bedroom also features yellow walls. In this case the color is less striking and the atmosphere is actually very relaxing. The dark brown wood floor and the white and yellow curtains cover the walls making the room feel less crowded and darker.

Yellow is a versatile color that can be sued not only for the walls but for the floor as well. This way it would be easier to find matching pieces and to also have a cohesive and harmonious décor throughout the room.

This kitchen is very bright and fresh. The floor has a light turquoise shade and the walls are white. The ceiling has a very interesting shape, with carved angles and white and yellow stripes. The two appliances are yellow.

This kitchen is mostly white but it also has a few bars. One is the sink, the other is the stove and the chairs are white. The shapes of these three elements are quite similar and complement each other perfectly.

This kitchen is very bright and fresh. The walls are white and so is the ceiling. The ceiling has a slight turquoise edge that adds style and gives it a more intimate feel. The flooring is also white and this makes the kitchen seem bigger.

This kitchen is mostly white but it has a few bars. One of them is the pantry, another one is the island and then there’s the work surface and the last one the oven. The colors chosen for the furniture are also simple, mostly neutral.

This kitchen is different than the previous one. Instead of the white minimalist cabinets you have in the kitchen, it’s filled with dark wood. The kitchen island also features white and turquoise accents while the appliances are black.

This kitchen is big and has a very elegant interior décor. The colors are not as rich and vibrant as in the case of the previous examples but still the room is still simple and elegant. The turquoise accents are a nice touch and they give the space a very stylish look.

This is a kitchen with a bohemian interior décor. It’s very cozy and inviting and all the colors are very well chosen. The turquoise accents are delicate and elegant while the white elements make the décor seem simple and clean.

This kitchen is very bright and also very spacious. It has colorful chairs, a modern kitchen island and a very beautiful turquoise table. The turquoise accents are very beautiful and they look great in combination with the white.

Even though this kitchen looks smaller than it actually is, it has plenty of storage, lots of workspace and it even has a breakfast bar. The turquoise bar is complemented by white cabinets with a rich color and a very nice texture.

This kitchen is part of an open floor plan and has floor-to-ceiling windows covering an entire wall. The kitchen itself has a simple but charming look. The turquoise bar is one of the eye-catching elements. It’s a simple crafted detail but it’s also very elegant and stylish.

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