This compact garden was designed by Alexander Brenner, author of the excellent Ammerthal house and youngest studio ever. With this garden you can get surprisingly beautiful garden without any other materials. These modular planters can be simply shelves mounted on the wall or floor. Each can be customized and can have different dimensions, shape and color.

These planters have a very intriguing design. They seem to be made from broken ceramic cans of various different shapes and sizes placed on a bed of organic soil and rocks. They also have a pattern on them and this allows them to be the perfect combination for a colorful garden. The planters are available in three different sizes. There’s one that measures 270 square foot, another one that’s measuring 340 square foot and the largest one measuring 450 square foot. They come in several different colors, in stone, floral composition and white.

Miniature Rock Garden From Alexander Brenner Photo 2

The planters are great for just about any type of garden. They’re compact and take very little space. Also, they can be placed anywhere you want as they also make great side tables. Use them in the living room, in the kitchen, work area, bedroom or anywhere else you want. The planters are made of wood and resin and they provide great support for the plants.

Miniature Rock Garden From Alexander Brenner Photo 3