Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Tiny Kitchen Designs And Ideas

Have a look at this tiny kitchen. It may not be very spacious or extensive but it’s definitely very charming. The kitchen was designed by Alain Gilles. The living room was designed by Jung Chang. The living room and the […]

Unique Stair Design By Antonio Martins

The stair and its structure are very important in any home, not only for functional reasons, but also for creating a unique and interesting way of having easy access to higher floors. Antonio Martins, a Brazilian architect, took inspiration from […]

Cool Laundry Rooms From Arjen Reas

You don’t always see your clothes and accessories all over the place. The reason is, usually they are hidden and they are designed for you. But we all have clothes with a purpose. And clothes are meant to be worn, […]

Kitchen Glass Doors By Paola Lenti

Glass doors and kitchen islands have been a popular choice in the past and they still are. They are practical, stylish and they can enhance the overall décor of the room and home. This particular kitchen features panoramic views of […]

Garden Sheds In Netherlands

This garden shed is located in the Netherlands and it’s the type that would be ideal for your backyard. It has a very nice design and a footprint that matches the house. It’s a shed with a design reminiscent of […]

Pumpkin Idea For The Home

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking of throwing a bunch of pumpkin it which is what you should do during Halloween but you’re just not prepared for that so you might as well try something different. A very nice […]