The latest curtain designs by Lola Ivanoff are as if they were just a new idea. They are inspiring in a good way, providing a dynamic look. No matter the design is red, green or white, it always seems like something is wrong, as if someone forgot what it is that you have upholstered. And once you open that drawer, the image is corrected and everything comes together in a new and neat fashion. It’s also a good example of how you should keep your home clutter-free by eliminating unnecessary items and having a neat and tidy house.

I like this curtain because it has a very simple and neat design and the effect is hard to obtain, considering that most of the items that are in the drawers are white or gray, which is not a good combination in the case of either color. So if you like the combination, go for it. You’ll just regret it later.

Latest Curtain Designs By Lola Ivanoff Photo 2

Latest Curtain Designs By Lola Ivanoff Photo 3