If you are looking for an interior design service, please consider the innovative and unique creation by mcfarlane hi-cast concrete pourrire, designed for an office. The name of the service appears as a long corridor that connects to the basement of an existing warehouse.

The basement of the warehouse has small spaces that caused a big lack of space problem in the rooms of the office, so that only the working area, which is placed in the upper part of the house and receives natural light thanks to the large windows. Among the objects that were kept in this basement is an original bathroom that still fits in the proposed design because it is an open space connected to the outside by a molding system.

The upper part of the house is a large gallery where art is exhibited. Due to this, the basement is complete with a library of art which spreads all over the place, adding a unique atmosphere to the whole house.

Barn Office Interior Design By Mcfarlane Hi-cast Concrete Pourrire Photo 3