Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Stone Kitchen Islands By Antonio Lupi

The kitchen island has become a must-have in the kitchens. It’s the element that brings co-ordination and symmetry. It’s also useful for creating a casual, comfortable and informal look in the kitchen and it’s also very practical for those that […]

Bay Window Sofa By Ade Rems

The contemporary bay window sofa is made with a strong “thick” and durable base composed of wood chunky with a smooth finish. The base is available in either natural or stained ash wood. An optional upholstered cushions of ivory hue […]

Fireplace In Bedroom By Jeff Jordan

You may think that bedrooms and bathrooms are not as important as the living room or the kitchen, but that’s only because they often don’t have much in common. A very good example in this case would be the fireplace. […]

Masculine Bed From Urban Barn

How would you imagine it would be to sleep in a bed that looks so ridiculous? I’m sure that’s not how it would be. In fact, I’m sure that you wouldn’t even believe that this is possible. We’re seeing words […]

Baby Walls For Girls Room

When you have a young girl it’s very difficult to decide on a right icon to include in the décor. They choose everything at random, based on their interests and their age. So even though they might be conflicted, they […]

Small Bunk Beds For Children

Kids love bunk beds and kids love them so much that they can’t possibly appreciate a simple and safe way to combine these two features. It’s why kids are more likely to prefer bunk beds than to play with them […]

Bed Head Designs From Bambi And Boyo

Whether you’re a big fan of one-of-a-kind and unique beds or you simply have a lot of friends to sleep with, a bed that doesn’t have a headboard doesn’t really seem right. So what do you do then? You create […]