Kids love bunk beds and kids love them so much that they can’t possibly appreciate a simple and safe way to combine these two features. It’s why kids are more likely to prefer bunk beds than to play with them so it’s less annoying when your kids enjoy falling asleep in one of these bunk beds.

Bunk beds are also more functional than simple beds. Also, they take up less space when not used. This means you can include more in the room if you want to. also, because these beds are upside down, they allow you to pick the perfect height at which to sit and relax.

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I’m sure kids would love to have four bunk beds in their rooms, all of which can be used at the same time. The four vertical beds fit perfectly in those corners. In addition, you can make the beds extra safe with storage underneath. Add a safety rail and this way there’s no need to use a ladder.

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Another great place for bunk beds is the work area. If your kids enjoy being cozy, fun and relaxing, you can let them have fun with these beds. Also, they’ll always have a good place to sit on when they make a lot of noise that the kids can hear.

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Our Top 10 Bunk Beds on The Market Right Now

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There’s more than one way to put the bunk bed into practice. Your best bet would be to take a look at some of these products and see if they’re anything to take into consideration. Also, if you’re looking for a certain type of bunk bed that might suit your needs, check out our top choices for that.

First off, let’s see what each type of bunk bed furniture has to offer. There are four main types.

Classic bunk beds are always the best choice for kids because they can be hand-in-hand style with no extra support or weight to worry about. They’re easy to put together and sturdy.

Kids love to climb so they can make an original game of pretend as a kid. An actual ladder would be useful in this case but obviously you can also use a ladder if you want.

Bunk beds are usually seen in children’s rooms but this doesn’t mean you can’t successfully incorporate this type of feature in the master bedroom or even the living area. A small sofa can feature these above the door and that will be the perfect spot to relax in after a long day.

These bunk beds are also a great idea for kids’ bedrooms as they occupy reduced space which can be useful when you have a large family or friends over.

Finally, consider bunk beds with storage underneath. A wall unit such as this one is great for storing toys, magazines, books and other child-related items. The same type of storage can also be applied on top of the beds, on either side of the bed.

First, let’s take a look at some of the less common bunk bed designs. Some designs have storage drawers underneath, a design similar to that on Mycakies. This often makes it possible to also use the space as a storage compartment for other things.

Bunk beds are usually an option for children’s bedrooms and guest rooms. A spacious bedroom can include a playroom and the two can form a welcoming play area. You can decorate the space with colorful wall accessories and friendly characters.

The storage options differ for each type of bunk bed. One option is to opt for drawers under the beds. Use these to store clothes, toys and school supplies.

And then there’s also the children’s beds which are usually designed to let the kids take care of their own things and make fun and focusing on the homework or creative projects.