Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

The Gaming Attic By Nasty

This is the new gaming public toilet from Nasty. The idea behind this one is to make a toilet that looks like an attic and with all the cables and devices hidden in the walls, the DS-140 Gehaze is a […]

Study Room Ideas From Arters Sedest

The main requirement for a relaxing office environment is a comfortable and cosy interior. A study room gives you that – and more.The Arters sedestsoft work uses Comfortable chairs, armchairs and sofa from the “Vick Max” line.The study room is […]

Teen Girls Bedrooms Design Ideas

If you have a teenager then you know that I would love to create something special for them. They don’t usually like to smoke or to smell the cooking smells. So instead of cooking you’re stuck in a peaceful silence […]

Teenage Guy Room Décor Ideas

Just because you have a teen or toddler doesn’t mean you have to live like a baby or grandma. You can adapt and decorate as you wish and the only things that you need to change are the style that […]

Steel Kitchen Islands From Karakter

Kitchen islands are usually multipurpose elements. They are used for storage, for making meals and even for serving drinks and snacks. A kitchen island may also serve as a work surface, as a dining table, or as a breakfast area. […]

Home Office Shelves By Gplusx

Everybody loves a good space for books, magazines, movies, and so on. But most of the times there’s not a lot of space for all of them and this is a problem, especially when you’re working in an office. The […]

Girls Teen Bedroom Furniture From Miur

Many times, when you are decorating a girls’ bedroom, the main concern is to obtain a calm and serene décor where you will feel a great freedom and freedom that can allow you to do your homework, have friends over […]

Office Paint Ideas

We all have personal items that we would like to keep somewhere safe, but out of sight. And since we are so concerned about this, we might as well use them one next time and then again when we want […]