The new Soviet dining establishment by Ceramica Sant’Anna sends you to the mysterious world of communism. A quantum of design and technological sophistication are crammed into a space of only 37 square meters. The main component of this innovative design is Sant’Anna’s unique vision of the Soviet dining room. She uses circular pansed wooden lamps, trays and elegant table made of oak to bring the cozy atmosphere of the small space up to a comfortable level. The chosen materials reflect in the modern panelling in a simple, rough, ambiline color scheme; the wooden flooring chosen is of dark brown wooden tinted with black in the living area. What is most intriguing about this project is its façade; it seems like an open facade hiding intimate nooks, with cute round openings of furniture covered in white leave-behind prints of the people living in the building. This quirky design is offered by Ceramica Sant’Anna.
via Design Milk