Carlos Fabijana has created two bold pieces to spice up the interior of your living room. The fabular patterned sofas by Fabrica de Arquitetos (Thiago Guerra) are a great way to complete a warm and neutral scheme. Not to mention, they mix well with red sofas, as shown below.

Fabulous patterns are becoming more and more popular. Below we see the butterfly sofas from an old-time sofa. The pink and black design gives them an extra dose of eccentric charm. [from: refined]

There’s something so refreshing about a white sofa, which is why we’re loving the contrast between the two in this custom arts and crafts space. [from: site]

Fabric Patterned Sofas By Fabrica De Arquitetos (Thiago Guerra) Photo 3

We’re loving the use of a mix of turquoise and yellow in this newly decorated living room, and the coffee table in this space is an incredible space-saving piece. Some day-to-day art supplies may be necessary, but so-so photos in framed GIFs to life with the furniture. The artwork for this room is simple but powerful, and bold with the orange and yellow color scheme. [from: kylehuntress]

There’s something so charming about this living room that you can’t help but reach for a peek at both the couch and the coffee table. But on the sunny side, the view is not too bad thanks to the strategically placed bookcase which helps to warm up the area. [from: callaway4real]

Fabric Patterned Sofas By Fabrica De Arquitetos (Thiago Guerra) Photo 5

If you love a pattern but aren’t sure on the style to try out, then try substituting one or two of the spots you see in this living room with a table runner in a similar shade. It’ll definitely make for a fresh addition as the sunlight plays down the blue. [from: ALVarezAbramurro]

Try out a fun ride against the blue backdrop. Try a new lighting fixture or tabletop sconce, some poetic scones, or even a lines of Christmas lights in red… [from: Victoria Madrazo]

This is one small triumph. A round coffee table replaced by a patterned one. A white table, white Kindle, white art, white candles, and a red minimalist lamp. The combination of all three really was designed for this room to feel large and light and to use every red thing as a focal point. [from: Victoria Madrazo]

A wonderful way to use white as a base color and dramatic highlight is in the form of monochromatic wallpaper, in this case sporting an abstract design. The huge monochromatic stripes really rock the area and emphasize the impact of the bold color addition. [from: callaway4real]