Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Accent Sofa By Jai Jalan

If you love black and white or maybe less, then you should take a look at the latest collection of the ‘accent sofa’ by this Dutch designer, Jalan. The sofa is a furnishing made of injection moulded polypropylene plastic, suitable […]

Mailbox Design Ideas

You don’t have to be a hopeless hacker or a hopeless business for using your computer. You can be a very good one at it and a lot more talented if you just focus a bit on the common things […]

Centerpieces Dining Table Ideas

The main task when someone asks for a table centerpiece is to offer something to people so that everyone feels welcomed. After all, you are the one who’s dining on how many people eat. Naturally, the table centerpiece should include […]

Table Runner Ideas – A Big Style Twist!

What would our lives be without ‘hanging out’? Whether it is the paper napkin, the survey kitty, the doctor, our children’s science fiction books or the newspaper. Our homes hold our dreams, we pr O ourselves, we light our own […]

Shibori Patterns By Kisegi Design

When you are a Japanese designer you don’t really pay much attention to the details, except the master bedroom and the bathroom. It’s why they all look so simple and bright. However, it’s very important to create a pleasant and […]

Tall Floor Vase By Kanal

If you have a big floor space and you can find a way to include some useful decorative items in it, you can create a unique bouquet of flowers, or many other decorative items. For example, this is a tall […]

Tropical Wallpapers

I am not a fan of the standard wallpapers that come with all the required lines and also the painting that can be seen all over the house – I prefer the wallpapers with a floral pattern that can add […]