Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Steel Kitchen Islands From Karakter

Kitchen islands are usually multipurpose elements. They are used for storage, for making meals and even for serving drinks and snacks. A kitchen island may also serve as a work surface, as a dining table, or as a breakfast area. […]

Super Hero Bedding With Big Colorful Accents

Super heroes are very young man’s love. They might not realize that they are so in love with their favorite superhero or something similar. Superheroes don’t seem to have a particular type of lover. They are always different and unique […]

Circular Bed From Urbanoutfitings

You’re probably familiar with the concept of the futon bed. It’s one of the most popular types of beds. It’s a large bed that sits on a modular platform or stands on raised platforms often enough to be ideal for […]

Poka Dot Stickers For Kids Room

There are parts of the house that we wish to decorate and parts that are not so useful. When it comes to kids room wallpaper, it is always frustrating because the selection of colours and effects is so little, and […]

Metal Floor Rustic Wooden Kitchen

If you want to create a special atmosphere and a particular space, you can try to do that by using materials like metal for example. You can combine this with other natural materials, like wood for example. Here’s a very […]

Stairs Led Lights By Bols

Bols introduced a new concept lamp – sequins. Marco and Sebastian, two organicists, invented this unusual, eco friendly stairs led lights by Bols. In the lamp, the remained of the natural colour of sequins, combined with a colour-corded nylon shade. […]