Wood is a material that can enhance almost any décor, regardless of the style you have chosen for the room. It’s usually used in traditional homes because of the wood’s natural ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s a medium used in all styles and it’s also something that can be used in all sorts of DIY projects, especially if you enjoy such creations. Let’s take a look at some wood wall projects.

One of the wall’s main characteristics is that of a big textured surface. For example, this accent wall has a wood border all around it, thus creating a warm and also trendy look. To avoid creating a cold décor, you can have a simple interior décor with neutral colors and with wooden furniture.

Of course, wall gardens are always a wonderful feature and they are perfect for the bedrooms. They don’t require much maintenance, they offer you fresh decorations and you can easily make them yourself by using wooden pallets.

Here’s another lovely accent wall that has a wooden wall border. This one has a green background with miniature trees and plants growing on it and the border is covered with reclaimed pallet wood. The stain color matches the soil and the accent wall is a nice way of emphasizing the décor and of adding texture to the room.

Even though this accent wall is all white, it doesn’t feel cold even though it might seem like the border between the white wall and the dark accent wall in white. In this case, the accent wall is actually an extension of the beautiful fireplace. It’s beautifully framed by the glass wall and it balances out perfectly the rest of the room.

Sometimes the wall surfaces are not even completely full. It’s also the case here. We have two small and cute walls that meet at the center. They might seem like they collide but they have no foundation underneath them. In fact, the wall surfaces are not even perfect angles. In fact, these walls would easily change if they had a larger ceiling, a larger fireplace, or a more complex interior décor.

This beautiful accent wall idea is very inspiring and can be adapted to a variety of other wall types. And, of course, this approach can be adapted to a lot of other décor ideas.