The Italian designer Santoloro is famous for his wonderful designs for back then and now that it’s 20 years old, the Italian designer has another opportunity. All the owners of this house are collectors of patterns and he decided to decorate their house using this collection.It’s a very beautiful home, bright and spacious and with a very stylish interior décor.

The living room is very airy and bright, with a simple but warm atmosphere. Even the art hanging on the wall behind the sofa brings some color into the décor. This area seems very comfortable, it has a simple but stylish design and the pieces of furniture are very beautiful. They make the atmosphere feel beautiful and inviting.

White Patterned Curtains Photo 2

The dining room is also simple and elegant. The chandelier above the dining room table is beautiful and simple but the rest of the furniture is cold. The fireplace and the hanging decorations are eye-catching details that make the décor stand out. The kitchen and the dining area have been renovated and they now have a modern but still inviting and warm atmosphere. Overall, this style would be best used in a modern or contemporary home. It’s beautiful and classy, it’s a great choice for a small home or apartment. It’s a transitional style and one that can be easily combined with other styles.{found on here}

White Patterned Curtains Photo 3

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