This home is located in Nettleton, South Dakota and it’s a very interesting addition to the landscape. It’s a three-story structure with a modern design and inviting colors and views. The house was designed for a family of four and it covers approximately 2,500 square feet of land. The property is very beautiful and the basement level overlooks the river.

The first floor of the house is mostly an open space. It includes a series of glass walls that allow the owners to admire the beautiful landscape. They also allow for plenty of natural light to get in and for the whole house to be filled with light, which is usually an outstanding feature in that area. The ground floor has the bedrooms. On the first floor you can find the living room, the kitchen and the dining room. The second floor houses the bedroom of the parents, the children and the grandchildren. It covers an area of 3,200 square feet. The basement is basically a large space occupied by a games room, a gym, offices, a pool table and space for the owners and their guests to relax.

Basement Home Theather Zidstein Architecture Photo 2

The house is colorful and modern and it’s also comfortably furnished. Besides the basement there’s also a basement area where storage facilities can be found. The house is beautiful both inside and out. It has large windows and beautiful views over the river.{found on archdaily and pics by Richard Nunez.