This interestingly-looking rug was designed by Ana Ullé and it’s a part of the overdyed collection created by the designer herself. In this case, the rugs are filled with little rugs of different shapes and sizes resembling various animals. The resemblance with the animals probably won’t make you kill them instantly but you’ll definitely make a nice impression.

The rug is actually made of natural cotton and it’s 800 count per square. It has a rectangular shape and it’s 800 counts per square. The rug is not only funny to look at but it’s also unusually comfortable. It might be a little more comfortable than the carpet, considering the fact that it’s actually made from two different types of materials.

Besides the cotton and the cotton itself, this interesting rug is also made of something else besides cotton. The process of making the rugs is carried out under the color scheme, so the rugs are made of one color per person. Each rug features a different combination of colors. The combinations are probably more complicated than they look. Still, it’s fun to see this process.{found on coroflot}.