This is a beautiful and colorful rug with a versatile design that makes it perfect for all kinds of homes. Also, it’s available in a variety of colors and stripes. The combination of colors is very bold and beautiful. The colors chosen for the rug are consistent with the tones of the décor. The rug is available in two models: green and sea blue. Both models are durable and water-resistant.

The green rug is perfect for modern homes. It has playful patterns and colors and it can be easily integrated in the décor. It’s a neutral rug with a versatile look. The blue rug has floral motifs and it’s closer to the colors of the background so it would integrate nicely in this area as well. The rug is machine-woven in areas and there are matching blue and white cotton soles available. You can buy the green rug for $97.90.

Green Overdyed Rug Photo 3

Green Overdyed Rug Photo 4