Kids love to play with their favorite cartoon characters, either because they get crazy and want to recreate that image in their heads or because they have a certain pattern in mind. So why not bring all that design talent and imagination to your kid’s room? IKEA is a famous Swedish brand that is famous for its colorful rugs. However, a carpet is something different. It’s not as comfortable as a sofa or a bed, but it’s a whole different story.

The IKEA carpet with floral patterns is perfect for any home because of its super easy to clean design and also because it doesn’t look like anything else. And that’s not even the best part. If you’re having trouble looking for a carpet of this or any other, just take a look at IKEA’s IKEA sofa. It has that beautiful color pattern and the fun shape.

It’s a very simple piece but it’s also very versatile. The rug is super easy to clean and maintain and it would make a great choice for the kid’s room. It would be the best choice for a kid’s room because it has a design that is both simple and fun in terms of shape and colors. The rug is also very easy to match with anything else from the same collection. It would be a nice choice for a modern living room or even a bedroom or family room. Enjoy your spare time with this eye-catching rug.Available from 1.58$.