Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bay Window Seating By Giim Look

When you have a bay window you can enjoy taking a nap or admiring the landscape, admiring the water and all. Bay windows were first created to allow those inside to see the water and nature at the same time. […]

Office Coffee Station By Megabudka

Architect Anna Maria Vasnini from Megabudka located in Moscow Oblast, Russia, designed a an amazing office coffee station for a Russian Airlines Group. The project was carried out in 2011 and has team of architects: Oleg Econom, Simonitis Frommakov, Alena […]

Diy Wine Cabinets By Giemmegi Pons

These are the new wine cabinets designed by Giemmegi Pons for Aldo & Ellisse. The cabinet doors come in bright colors (pink, red, blue, white) and offer a multitude of storage solutions, such as glass, metal, lacquer, painted MDF, and […]

Barnwood Ideas For Your Winter Home

Not a lot of people love the winter season because it starts early and it ends early, too. But everybody likes to enjoy the beautiful periods of the year when they can go camping and enjoy some snow and also […]

Red China Cabinets From West Elm

Communicating a large space with a distinct language can often be challenging. We need to consider the form and the dimensions when we are decorating a large area and we need to find suitable combinations of elements. West Elm has […]