I’m sure you’re all looking forward to spending more time outside and, even if you weren’t, the weather would be starting to improve because it’s almost winter and the days are longer. So you should probably take advantage of those the outdoor life and spend more time outside. For example, I simply love this original and ingenious creation. It’s a fascinating table designed by Karim Rashid and it has just been presented at the Salone Del Mobile 2012.The table Plex is a very simple and versatile piece of furniture. As its name suggests, it’s a fold-out table. When it’s flat it’s a flat surface. When it expands, it becomes a round surface, like a huge puzzle.

When the table is flat, the user can have a coffee on his or her coffee cup. It’s a very ingenious and clever idea. The table is very simple actually. Fold the table and then lay on the sofa to get a flat surface. After that, when you fold it, the table will be level. It’s one of the most ingenious and clever ideas so far.

The same elegant result is present in the case of the Fold sofa. The same Fold sofa has been designed with the same type of fold. The difference is that the main content item is the base. The Fold sofa has a very simple and elegant design. It’s a piece of furniture where the user can enjoy it from all angles.

Fold Out Table By Tristan Selva Photo 3