The new season of love has arrived, and for many people this means a huge spring purchase. For others, it means a long cold winter trial. Today I want to show you a gorgeous, and fully functional, sofa. Its design was created by the Italian designer Matali Crasset. A very simple piece of furniture, with a futuristic touch.

The couch comes in a variety of colors, in bold matte or white finish. It is simple and solid, with no dangerous seams, the perfect home for your mood light, or for a subtle read. It has a low, round shape, with no details, nothing to get you distracted by. You can sit in it, relax or read, it does not get hot, it radiates peace and relaxation.

The price for this sofa is £ 1,398.00. Its overall dimensions are 90 x 60 x 33 cm. It needs to be assembled on a power source and to be mounted on the wall. In the meantime, you can also find it on hartofshame.