When you see a shop as beautiful as this one, you become afraid of prying eyes and other suspicious sights. The whole idea behind this design was to create a suggestive shop interior so that you can imagine how it looks like and from the most different perspectives. So from the outside you can’t find any profusion of colors, except for some red shoes. In order to obtain such a result, l1.auto-architect opted for a minimalist look and organized the space in a really well-organized way. They included a storage area on the upper floor, which also provides a lift to the basement, thus saving a great deal of space.

The basement floor is a large deck-like space, where you can relax admiring the beautiful vegetation and the building itself. The rooftop window gives you a glimpse of the trees and the outdoors splashes all around. Moreover, the color combination and the lighting make the place elegant and welcoming.

Display Shop Interior Design By L1.auto-architect Photo 2

The first floor is here to enjoy the views and a place to have breakfast, drink coffee and whatever you might want to consume. It’s a really simple place, with a fixed furniture set that only has some small red armchairs around a white table, all surrounded by a really nice green rug.

Display Shop Interior Design By L1.auto-architect Photo 3

The rest of the place is decorated in the same way, with similar pieces of furniture, a small but beautiful fireplace and a TV area. The entire house is an example of elegance, good taste and style, all in one.

Display Shop Interior Design By L1.auto-architect Photo 4