You can’t ignore the fact that nature is the creator of all beautiful art and that it offers amazing things when it comes to furniture, lighting and other home accessories. Still, there’s always one place where you could really admire some amazing creations. It’s a very small area in the garden. Blackbody offers you the opportunity to admire these amazing light fixtures made of a combination of stone and polished metal.

These unusual floor lamps are the perfect illustration of what an inspired work of art this designer created. The pieces are not decorated with paint, with or without notes or with different messages. Instead, they feature a series of simple but striking lines with a black and white skull on the base and a simple light bulb suspended from the top. Who needs all sorts of details when you have such a great piece of art as well a one which can actually be used? This unusual piece of jewelry is made of tiny metal pieces with a satin black finish and it can also be customized with your choice of color.

Stone Fire Places And Cool Lighting Fixtures By Blackbody Photo 3