Mr. Starck, the founder of American Lighting and Array, has always been a proponent of night sky art. His belief that, “Sun is not a machine, but a natural energy resource like air, and sun has been a subject of experimentation and has often been used to stimulate the imagination and are examples of the most fundamental aspects of our waking.” Starck’s latest collection, called The Dawn, is imbued with “the snake eye” and uses infrared energy to highlight the beauties of nature and the colors that permeate the depths of the bed.

The Dawn uses light to spark beauty and drama, and its forms are meant to reflect each part of the moon. The collection also includes a wall lamp, center console, side table and lamp base.

The Dawn is a series of furnishings that are available as wall lamps, ceiling pendants and lamp bases.

The Dawn in the bedroom.

The Dawn lighting fixtures.

The Dawn lighting vignette.

The modern wall sconce.

The modern wall fireplace.

The contemporary accent chair.

This fun collection is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

The moon lighting collection.

The Aurora Wall Mounted Coffee Table.

The Aurora Floor Lamp.

The Starck’s Lamps.

Aurora Corner Shelf.

More information: Mr. Starck