Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Closet Mirror By Marc Thasphemy

Closet mirror by Marc Thasphemy is a unique project that allows you to transform the space under your bedroom into a very practical and functional room, where you can store and display all your accessories. It adds space between each […]

Nap Time Commercial Space In Paris

Space is one of the most pressing problems nowadays in our planet. It keeps expanding and getting bigger, and so does the amount of stuff that is on the top of the log cabin stairs. People like to get out […]

Homemade Fish Pond In A Tree

If you live in an area where you have the freedom to have a big garden and you can afford doing such a thing, then you certainly have some freedom and creativity. Those who choose to do something themselves can […]

World Of Lighting From Jasper Starck

Mr. Starck, the founder of American Lighting and Array, has always been a proponent of night sky art. His belief that, “Sun is not a machine, but a natural energy resource like air, and sun has been a subject of […]