Space is one of the most pressing problems nowadays in our planet. It keeps expanding and getting bigger, and so does the amount of stuff that is on the top of the log cabin stairs. People like to get out of the closed spaces and even go into the open ones.

Apartment Vilasto Lodge is a commercial space in Paris equipped to house various media devices, sinks, sauna, etc. Originally, this space was not really an apartment. It was just a large empty space with an old layout.

However, the architects from Openbox Company had an excellent idea and decided to divide the space accordant way it was, so they removed parts of the wall and also raised the roof on the upper part of the space. In addition, they also give the space a new staircase.

The result is a functional apartment with an industrial touch, with spaces where a sofa used as a coffee table and a small table used as a nightstand and where the kitchen and the living area were separated by a closed cabinet.

Nap Time Commercial Space In Paris Photo 4

The renovation came to be in the shape of a box. The walls were painted black, a very interesting choice. This makes the apartment look simple and made it feel more intimate. It’s a place where people can gather and spend time together. The architects tried to make this place feel larger than it is and it’s why they included so many shelves everywhere.{found on archdaily}

Nap Time Commercial Space In Paris Photo 5