Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Open Storage Apartment Interior Design

If you’re lucky enough to own a spacious apartment then you probably already know how difficult it can be to decorate such a space and to personalize it. It’s not about the size of the apartment but about the interior […]

Open Closet Idea By Susanna Cots

This is a very interesting closet concept. It’s an open closet that Susanna Cots has designed for a senior citizen, boyfriend and girlfriend from the future. It’s a space where people can feel free to express their personality without being […]

Minimal Office Interior Design By Edwin Baeza

Created by Berlin-based architect Edwin Baeza, this basement apartment renovation is a wonderful example of how to solve the density of a space without compromising aesthetics and function. It is a simple, minimal interior design where the architects used color […]

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nades

The structure on which the loft ceiling is placed is a common one, depending on the environment and on the functions that are placed there but also on the shape and the material from which the whole structure is made. […]

Tropical Interior Design By Jennifer Paige

This cozy apartment is located in Sydney, Australia. It features a kitchen with an elegant solid oak floor, a bathroom with steel fixtures and marble and stainless steel appliances and an upper bedroom featuring windows of acrylic panels. On the […]

Single Bedroom Apartments In Berlin

Are you looking for an apartment in Berlin? We have just found one. This is a one bedroom apartment located in the West side of Berlin. The apartment benefits from a private gallery and its interior design is superb. It […]

Exposed Brick Wall In Madrid Apartment

This apartment is located in Madrid and it’s a complete knockout. It’s a very spacious apartment and it has both indoor and outdoor spaces. One of the most impressive architectural details is represented by the exposed brick walls. The brick […]