Klara Design introduces some truly exquisite designs. One of the first things to catch our eye is the playful, tropical decor of the lighting fixtures. With fun mats and vibrant colors, the lighting from this studio is inspiring.

The lighting design from this studio offers a unique opportunity for any visitor to penetrate into the spirit of the room. Personalized art work hangs on the walls prominently, giving the space character and flare to enhance the quality of atmosphere.

Tropical Room Design Ideas From Klara Photo 2

The bedroom is a simple, serene and perfectly decorated room. The wallpaper with colorful collage provides a welcome pop in this calm colored bold room, and the soft lighting accentuates this decor perfectly. With the ever-changing scenery, the owner of this bedroom is sure to feel relaxed at the end of every day!

The clerestory in the bedroom highlights the architectural design, and the exposed ceiling beams are a great minimalist touch!

An inviting living space has been created in the balcony, where an armchair and a small coffee table invite conversation, place and good conversation.

Open kitchen is located in the corner, where the owner can enjoy cooking on the kitchen island. Under the lighting of the kitchen island, a small dining table makes the perfect retro spot for a small number of friends to gather round.

A public corridor separates the bathroom from the living and dining room and still provides an opportunity for the family to interact.

Ball Room is a very simple, modest bedroom with a skylight hovering over it from the living space. It is patterned by a blue wall covering the bath area.

Toward the bright red kitchen, red cupboards and chairs help turn the kitchen into a colorful gathering place!

A more contemporary way of decorating in red is featured in the sleek and minimal kitchen. Built-in shelving in red accentuated by hanging lights on the white walls is a sleek detail that helps the room feel more contemporary!