A home library is defined as a room or building which has direct access to a window or other opening onto a hallway. It can also be designated as a reading/lounging room. So, depending on your personal needs and preferences, the home library can be just a place where you go to relax or read something, sometimes it can also be part of a kitchen, study or other enclosed area. TG-STUDIO was presented with a wonderful design concept of a home library for a contemporary living room.

The library is a work of art. It has a very interesting shape, with an asymmetrical vertical bookheigh and support. It’s made of wood and it has a very beautiful natural color. The only contrast that you may encounter is with the black holes or the support that seems to be made of wood. These are decorative details that you can ignore if you prefer the natural look.

This is an interesting approach to the traditional home library. The design is modern and quite genius. The structure is quite simple. It’s a bookcase that holds books and it’s located near the entrance, opposite to the living room. It’s an interesting approach to the traditional book collection.{found on archdaily}