I know some of you have already made this choice years ago, but just in time for Valentine’s Day, the original gift box has been repurposed as a gift box. The idea is definitely unusual, but I love it. I know that many of you have also thought of this, so I will also share with you a few tips on how to make the gift box.

First of all, you need to clean the box. All the parts are very important, especially the small pieces. I suggest oil-based marker paint because it won’t leave grooves or old scratches. Just paint them with a provisional stain and wait for it to dry. In this case I just used one table marker and a black marker.

If you don’t have a table marker you can make one. In this case you’ll need some tape, a black sharpie marker, some plastic black frames and a glue gun. You will have to disconnect the frames and to make a hole in the back of the frame so that the poster can slide in. Glue the frame to the top of the box and wait for it to dry.{found on thechicsite}.

Gift Box Ideas For Valentine’s Day Photo 3